Steps 8 CIC is a grassroots organisation, founded in 2001 to support the well-being of all people and to assist when people find themselves in vulnerable circumstances.

About Steps 8

Steps 8 facilitates Dance and Multi-Sport’s sessions. To achieve these aims they use a variety of methods, including, but not limited to; teaching, they mentor ‘Hard to Reach’ young people as well as provide vulnerable adults and families in disadvantaged areas with social interaction, well-being, and food provisions.

Our Food Delivery connection service enables us to feed the most underprivileged and deprived people in the community. Since the Pandemic we have seen the numbers of people in need rise significantly, which makes this service even more paramount today.

Understanding that it’s not just in school time our children need support, but also over the holiday periods. The Holiday Activity Provision Programme runs over the summer. The programme is supported by our partners, which enables us to utilise school facilities for the safe delivery of activities. This ensures that the young people will benefit most from the activities encouraging them to socialise and reconnect at a critical time for engagement.

We also facilitate sessions for the over 55’s with a range of exercises that are tailored to enable our service users to make the most of later life.

our mission

The purpose of Steps 8 CIC is to support the wellbeing of all people and to assist when people find themselves in vulnerable circumstances, whether it be physical or emotional.

Our mission is to increase access to fair, affordable and appropriate health and well-being services.

Many people on low incomes and with minimal resilience have little access to affordable services, which largely focuses on serving those with predictable lives and incomes.

We are focused specifically on supporting the development of a scaled and sustainable market to deliver health and well-being services.

our vision

“Our vision is a society where
the long-term well-being of all
people is supported by a fair and accessible sector.”

Safeguarding Children & Adults

Our tutors are extensively trained, not only in the curriculum but how to best deliver this in a controlled, educational environment. We will ALWAYS do our best to provide your school with the same tutor regardless of the unit of work. This helps the tutors to establish themselves and become part of the school. Prior to any tutor starting at the school, you will receive a Safeguarding Information Sheet with details on their Enhanced DBS check, qualifications and start date. All lessons are delivered in a fun yet controlled manner, allowing for the tutor to implement the education into PE/fitness. Upon arrival at any school, the tutor will request the school policy for positive approach to discipline, so rewards as well as sanctions are followed through in accordance with the school system. This enables our team to be seen as consistent and reliable members of your school tutoring.
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