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Our workouts, are brought to you by our fitness professionals and qualified personal trainers, plus our in house nutrition advisor. Our instructor’s are passionate about all things well-being.

These fun, engaging and energy boosting sessions are designed to get you more active, healthier and fitter. They are also available for vulnerable groups. All programmes and classes are adapted to suit all ages and abilities.

exercise & fitness for the over 55's

Enhance your quality of life and feel the benefits.

Mental Well-Being

A proven stress buster exercise is crucial in this time of social isolation. It’s an easy, free way to boost your brain and your body.

Better Overall Health

Exercise is essential for maintaining good cardiovascular health and preventing bone density loss.

Improved Sleep

Regular exercise is proven to aid sleep, which means more energy during the day and a longer, deeper sleep at night.

Enhanced Mobility

Exercise is a key factor in improved flexibility, posture, and mobility.

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